When It Is Time to Repair or Replace Concrete or Asphalt

When It Is Time to Repair or Replace Concrete or Asphalt

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of an asphalt paver or concrete worker. If you own a home or business inevitably you will experience some form of environment break down of your patio, parking lot or sidewalk. You cannot just leave cracks and broken pieces lying around. These become hazardous to anyone visiting or working for your business and become trip risks. If your home is experiencing cracking or damaged driveways, sidewalks or patios you will want to correct it to preserve your well-kept curb appeal.

What exactly can cause breaking and damage to concrete and asphalt?

  • Heavy traffic flow
  • Large work trucks that weigh more than standard cars
  • Environmental factors such as weather
  • Poor installation
  • Shifting ground

Most asphalt paving experts tampa fl near you will be able to address all of the above problems and help rectify the problems. You will want to consult with a professional and not try to tackle this job by yourself. In some cases the causes are more extreme than you may have originally thought and areas must be completely replaced rather than repaired.

Even the sturdiest of parking lots can slowly crumble due to heavy traffic flow. This is not necessarily a bad thing; this means your business is doing so well that it has many frequent visitors. The concrete should have been sturdy enough to withstand the heavy traffic flow but sometimes it needs to be reinforced.

Large work trucks can add added weight to parking lots and driveways. If the ground underneath the drive or parking lot is weak then dips can begin to occur from the heavy vehicles. This occurs slowly over time and can often be repaired. Heavy vehicles such as construction or semi-trucks should not be parked in the same spot over long durations of time.

Environmental factors can also impact the integrity of a parking lot or driveway. Regions that experience extreme cold and excessive heat all in the duration of one year are more susceptible to cracking and erosion. The same is true for areas that receive heavy rain or snow fall amounts. Higher precipitation can impact the integrity of the surface and allow for cracking or natural wear and tear.

Poor installation can sometimes be a culprit for a faulty parking lot or driveway. While we all hope we have hired the most professional and reliable company available sometimes this is simply not the case. If the work is not done accurately then the integrity of the concrete or asphalt is at risk.

Regions that are prone to shifting or earthquakes will naturally become cracked due to these factors that are out of anyone’s control. If you live in these regions, then your repair technicians will be able to address and rectify the problem. No one enjoys parking on, driving on or walking on cracked and damaged concrete or asphalt. The sooner the problem is fixed the less of a liability the ground is.