The Best Option for Hair Removal

Some people prefer to wax their hairs off, but I’d rather go to the aesthetic doctor in Singapore and have them removed with a laser. I consider it to be much less painful when getting the hair removed by laser. When using the wax, the wax would be heated and put onto the hairy areas, and when ripped off after it had a chance to cool. The first time I had this done, it hurt so much that I shouted out an expletive. I was putting myself through such painful torture just so that I could look beautiful.

When it comes to using the laser for hair removal, the laser is pointed at the hairy area, the laser does its work, and I go home happy. The laser is so precise that it will get rid of the hair without damaging any of the skin around it. It’s even quicker than the waxing process of removing a lot of hair. I can have it done in a fraction of the time that it would take for me to get the hair removed normally. This is important, because I’m a very busy person and would like to use my time as wisely as possible throughout the day.

I wish I could have used the laser hair treatment when I was in my younger years. Getting those wax treatments done in my late teens was such a waste of time. No one my age enjoyed having them done, but we did it anyway. The alternatives to having the wax done at the time weren’t any better. There was shaving, but that opened the doors up for irritation. There was also plucking the hairs out with a set of tweezers, but that took a long time, and was extremely painful to feel each hair coming out.