Text Messages Have Become A Faster Way to Communicate in the World of Business

Text Messages Have Become A Faster Way to Communicate in the World of Business

As the lives of business owners gets more hectic the technology gurus are coming out with faster and easier ways to get stuff done. Strangely enough as business days get longer, the time for various important meetings and phone calls is getting shorter. The good news is the use of text messaging applications has evolved from just a personal form of communication over to a good business practice. A few of the reasons business owners might communicate via text messages is to reach out to employees for emergency situations, customers for deal notifications, and suppliers for order processing.

Reaching Out to Employees

Companies that have lots of satellite offices all across various locations need a simple way to communicate with employees. Email is a good idea, but not all companies operate with staff sitting at a desk the entire time. Sometimes a text message is easier to receive when you’ve stepped away, during a lunch break, or during a meeting. Owners or local managers might need to inform employees about office closures due to inclement weather or other emergency safety broadcasts. Most people carry their phones with them everywhere including the bathroom, and that’s what makes text messaging one of the easiest and fastest ways to communicate. Owners who are interested in a texting system but do not yet have the proper software for their company can look online to get started with any business texting solutions.

Sending Deal Notifications to Customers

It’s usually optional for a customer to sign on to a loyalty program, and those who love the companies they shop at would be quite excited to know about any potential savings. These are the customers who can voluntarily sign on to a company’s notification center and receive messages anytime there is a deal available for them to enjoy. Emails can go to spam or fill up a promotions inbox that will likely get emptied randomly. A text message gives a company a better marketing chance because a customer is more likely to view the message prior to deletion.

Ordering From Suppliers Via Text

Companies who order the same products repeatedly can really benefit from a simple text system that can allow them to repeat the last order. Even adding a couple of items or making some minor changes via email is far more convenient than having to log into a supplier’s website or making a phone order and sitting on hold. Sending a text message directly to a supplier gives business owners a chance to have a direct line of communication and not worry about missing any steps.


Text messages are simple and easy to execute. One of the best things about them is they don’t need the formality of an email. Business owners can use text messages to get in touch with employees, customers, and suppliers. They can be pretty sure that everyone received their message and they don’t have to worry about missing employees on email who were out for the day or stepped away from their desk. Most people might try to stop reading emails after work, however most of us will still check our text messages long after we’ve left the office.