Shocked into Going on a Diet

For most of my adult life, I’ve been overweight. I don’t do a lot of cooking and rarely exercise. I’ve tried some weight loss techniques in the past, but none of them really worked for me. I just accepted that I would never lose weight and gave up. I was watching a show about overweight people one day, and there was a woman who was over 600 pounds. This, along with the Mayo Clinic Diet reviews that I had been seeing online convinced me to take one more chance at weight loss. I didn’t want to end up like the woman on the show, barely able to move.

The woman on the show had gained so much weight that she needed to go on a special diet and get surgery to help her eat less. I wasn’t in as extreme of a condition as the woman, but I wanted to get my weight problem in check before things got to that point. The diet was specifically designed to ensure a healthy eating lifestyle and prevent me from slipping back into my old habits of eating the foods that made me overweight in the first place.

Getting to a healthy weight was hard work, but the diet did make things easier. I stuck to the diet and incorporated some light exercise into my daily routine. My body wasn’t used to exercise, so I had to take it slow in the beginning. I did some walking up and down the street because it was the lightest impact workout that my joints would be able to take. I wanted to try some swimming, but the closest swimming pool is quite a drive from my home. As time passed, I was able to walk a little farther while losing weight and enjoying the diet I started.