During the first and second semesters, I discovered various things about self-development and growth. The objectives of the module were relevant in determining the key relationship between the students and examiner in terms of own learning and development. It creates a sense of responsibility for my own learning. I learned that the time management skills are significant, as they assist in articulation of personal goals and objectives. Effective time management ensures that all prioritized and scheduled activities are performed within the stipulated timelines.


The module has led to my time management skills improvement through guiding on the presentation skills including interviews and examination. However, I need to focus on the personal SMART objectives to ensure that they are well performed systematically. Amongst the learned employability skills in the module, proper communication is important in enhancing the achievement of the set goals and objectives. It encourages on the verbal and written communication. Verbal communication skills are crucial in presenting of assignments and task in the organization. Thus, students should improve their verbal communication in order to satisfy the organizational needs. Therefore, the paper will provide my self-assessment based on the learned aspects of employability in the organizations.

Most importantly, the module provides a clear overview of written communication skills, which include identification of key points, the use of short and precise sentences, and the use of well-structured sentences in the writings. As a result, the module was appropriate in promoting of appropriate instruments in articulation of organizational goals and objectives. The action planning skills guide on the setting up of appropriate actions plans and objectives. It relates to the setting of personal SMART objectives and identification of key implementation strategies. The reflections of the module provides for other key concepts of employability skills. It relates to the improvement of team working skills, decision-making skills and leadership skills that enhance various initiatives in the organization. It is clear that there is a need for appropriate skills and knowledge to retain the employability of different persons. The skills and knowledge should be building within the personal careers of various individual. Throughout the module, I was able to understand that career development relies on the key employability. The growth of employability skills spurs appropriate competencies depending on the various organizational aspects.

            Throughout the semester, I was able to learn different employability skills that are relevant in the modern business world. Firstly, I learned time management skills that lead to self-organization. Time management skills guide in attending the lectures on time in order to avoid missing them. In the modern organizations, the employers need employees who can manage time, prioritize important tasks and work within the stipulated deadlines. Thus, effective time management assists in improving my ability to work in various organizations. Most importantly, I am able to prioritize my education and manage time for attending the lectures well.  The module has enabled me to understand the necessary managerial strategies in providing effective time management. It follows the setting of relevant goals and review of progress of the goals in appropriate action plans.

The time management skills involve prioritizing tasks, and organization of the task schedules to manage the time well. In the professional world, people are easily distracted by various factors including emails, politics, and noise among others. My understanding of time management is relevant in ensuring that the actual tasks are performed as scheduled. It also creates value for the organizational operations, as it allocates more time to the most important tasks. The skills led to the improvement of my handling of examinations, interviews, and relevant presentations. I attended an in-house training that improved my presentation skills in line with effective management.

            Secondly, proper communication is emphasized as significant employability skill to employees and students. In order to achieve my goals and objectives, proper communication with different parties, including my line managers, lecturers, family, and friends, was necessary. Proper communication helped in effective time management in order to perform my work as scheduled. There are two forms of communication, which are verbal communication and written communication. Both forms of communication are significant in enhancing performance of work in the organization. Verbal communication should express ideas and views clearly in order to promote smooth flow of information. It is required that verbal communication should be clear, persuading, well-structured messages, and it should address the concerns of the team.

Verbal communication skills are significant employability skills needed by all employers  since they involve providing interpretations, listening, and provision of positive feedback to the colleagues. Proper communication has improved due to the ability to articulate my objectives and goals in my education. On the other hand, written communication considers the structure, style, and content of the written documents. Considering the ideas and concepts of proper communication, I was able to understand how to express my interests and abilities in the writing. However, presentational skills need to be improved to match communication requirements. It provides for identification of key facts, use of short and precise sentences, and clarification of thoughts. Therefore, proper communication is a significant employability skill relevant in articulation of organizational goals and objectives.

 The third employability skill I learned is the action planning skill. Action planning seeks to decide on the processes needed to achieve certain goals and their implementation in the workplace. I was able to prioritize the importance of my education in advance. Action planning skills were relevant in identification of goals, setting SMART objectives, prioritizing key tasks, and having appropriate contingency plan. I was able to learn on how to prepare SMART objectives through my personal development planning. It lies within creation of appropriate action plans in the workplace. The skill improved my ability to prioritize the relevant tasks in my action plans. Most importantly, action-planning skill integrates well with other employability skills, including proper communication and time management skills. Having clear objectives helps to stimulate employees in meeting the set objectives. The action planning skills creates a detailed and specific analysis of different tasks in organizations. However, I needed some improvement on setting up deadlines within the different actions. In allocating time to various actions in the organization, there is a need for relevant action analysis.

The module also provides other experiences in employability skills that would lead to improvements in organizations. The experiences and skills are key improvements in enhancement of my employability by various employers. The module provides for team-working skills, which are crucial employability skills. Most of organizations recruit people who can cooperate and perform their work in teams. Team-working skills involve sharing the ideas and responsibilities among the different team members who work for a common goal. The team-working skills are crucial for the overall performance of the organization. The employers are also keen on the decision-making skills on the candidates in various situations.

The module objectives are provided for decision-making lessons that offered options in various practical and impractical situations. Also, my improvement was in implementation of decisions. Since the implementation of decisions is backed up by the contingency plan. The module helped to improve my leadership skills in various ways. Most organizations look for candidates with leadership skills. The leadership skills entail taking initiatives, organizing other people, setting relevant goals, and enhancing flexibility. The improvements in team working, decision making, and leadership skills can be improved by the ability to work in diverse environments. Other employability skills that are outlined in the module include problem solving, language skills and critical thinking skills.

I encountered various key problems and challenges in learning the lessons in the module.  In order to learn the new skills, it calls for much commitment to assimilate new skills.  According to the content theories, it provides that learning is relevant in career development that requires total commitment. In reference to the Career Development Theory, it suggests that workers need the key skills to improve their performance in organizations. There were challenges that limited the acquisition of employability skills. It includes the lack of professional mentors and adequate time. Absence of professional training affects the competencies of workers. In future, I would perform the tasks differently such as setting the most tasks through an action plan. It indicates that my on-going learning will be guided by the learned employability skills improving my academic performance. My on-going learning will follow the guidelines obtained from the module on key improvements that relate to the employability.

 In summary, my personal development plan relates to my ability to understand the most important employability skills for success. To improve my employability, I was able to understand various time management skills, which advocate for prioritization of key activities. The time management skills will help to manage my time in attending various lectures. In the future, I will follow effective time management strategies that relate to the setting up of SMART objectives and the continued review of the objectives. Throughout the semester lessons I discovered that there exist many distractions that waste time in organizations. Thus, time management techniques are relevant in my education and thus, in future, I expect much success. However, there are communication issues that affect the articulation of appropriate goals and objectives in my career.

 With the help of the recent action plans, I would be able to communicate effectively with other individuals, including my line manager, lecturers, family, and friends. The action plans provide for the appropriate tasks and goals to be met by the organization. Considering the verbal and written communication, they facilitate the improved performance in the organization since action plans present the appropriate objectives in dealing with the present interests and abilities in the organizations. In most occasions, I faced challenges due to the lack of professional mentors that guide on the key employability skills. However, the action plans are helpful in improving self-development and performance in my education. Based on the concepts of Career Development Theory, every individual is responsible for his or her own learning and career development. In the future I will be able to understand the need to perform different tasks for my self-development and performance. Considering the current employability skills, different tasks should promote the on-going learning experience. My decision-making and leadership skills provide effective flexibility and productivity through the employability skills.

With the environmental societal adjustments, I am able to understand various challenges that influence the management of the workplace. It relates to various developmental and workplace changes to provide support from other colleagues. I also understood the need for teamwork and supervisions that align with the current employability skills. In the future I will provide relevant career education, counseling, and in-house training for the employability. It will improve my on-going learning schedule that leads to effective career development. In order to achieve my goals, the gaining of significant employability skills that include language skills, decision-making skills, and proper communication, is relevant. The skills are necessary to meet my goals and objectives in the current action plans.

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