Eating Bakery Bread like Royalty

Bread has a lot of different uses like sandwiches, bowls, or even pizza (yes, pizza crust is also made of bread, folks). Everyone knows that the bread makes or breaks lots of sandwiches; and while some settle for store-bought, commercial bread companies, true bread connoisseurs go to bakeries, which are truly the artists of the bread industry.

Eating Bakery Bread like Royalty

A popular bread available at bakeries are Kaiser buns. Also called Vienna buns, these rolls are believed to trace back to the 1760s, when Austria began to supposedly use the name after the bakers guild convinced Emperor Joseph II to deregulate bread prices. Known for it’s crown-like top, this round bread comes with an array of toppings like poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, or kosher salt but contain basic ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, yeast, water, egg,and salt.

Perhaps you didn’t realize the popularity of this special bread because of it’s different aliases. Depending on where you are from, they can be identified as hard rolls, or water rolls. As mentioned before, it is a great breakfast bread accompanied by butter and jam. It also is great as a hamburger bun, giving the hamburger a crunchy texture to accompany the juicy grilled patty. Some also make croutons with these rolls since they already have that crispy texture to top salads. For a sweet spin on the versatile roll, you can cut them up and add them to a bread pudding. You’d be surprised how many uses there are for this royal bread. With many variations of the crusty roll, it is still an Austrian breakfast staple today.

If you enter a bakery and see the signature crown pattern on top, you’re getting the real deal, despite what the name is on the display. There was actually a viral moment on Twitter when an article from the New York Times talked about hard rolls with butter being a staple breakfast food and out-of-staters were confused until they put the pieces together and realized this roll was a hometown hero for them also.

Bakeries far and wide are known for their pastries, cookies, and other sweet treats, but bread is always the Belle of the Ball. No matter if you’re having a Friday morning meeting, a fancy brunch, parent-teacher conferences, or a backyard barbecue, your local bakery will have the bread that you need to please everyone. In some states, despite which day you are visiting, rolls are their best sellers because of their versatility. This very roll has surpassed bagel sales in New York, which is widely known for their New-York Style bagels. Next time you have a smoky pulled beef brisket sandwich or want to make a crispy crouton to compliment that fresh salad, or maybe just want a firm, flaky rolled soaked in butter, head to your local bakery and pick up some hard rolls. Even if you aren’t from Austria or live like royalty, your bakery can still allow you to have a crown.