August 2018

Effective Ways to Win Government Contracts for Software

A government contract can effectively set your business apart. Especially in the world of software where there are literal millions of programs vying for attention. The U.S. government pours millions of stimulus dollars into the economy with 23% reserved for small business. Government contracts can supply a good bit of profit, look great on a resume, and open the door for even larger contracts. Gaining one could be the tipping point of success, but to even gain one you have to play smart.

Effective Ways to Win Government Contracts for SoftwareEvaluate Your Service

Knowing your niche is a valuable first step in business, even more so for government contract bidding. The last thing you want to do is bid for a job you cannot deliver on. The software world is full of various tech that satisfies purposes. Government contracts focused on software cover a wide margin of different functions, so first ask yourself what your specialty is. Is your expertise in security software, management apps, connectivity, multi-level management, or processing? Look for jobs that fit your niche. Gaining a contract is all about satisfying a specific itch, if you have what it takes to do that you have a decent shot. Do not advocate for any job coming down the pike. Even if you do not believe it is outside of your purview do not grab a job that does not fit your niche.


If you are a first-time bidder the best advice to take is to start small. Look at contracts around $3000. There will be bigger contracts available, but they usually go to trusted sources. Going low gets your foot in the door and provides the opportunity to build your reputation. One secret of success is to subcontract. Big business that nab large contracts often need help for smaller parts of it. This causes them to outsource to smaller companies. One way to get your foot in the door is to subcontract for these companies. This is great for adhering to niche and allows you to build reputation.


Research is also vital to win a government contract bid. Look into the market and see what is trending. This is will show you if your specific niche is in demand and will also show you which niches are currently in demand. Research can help you find subcontractor opportunities, discover software markets, and allow you to see what bids competition is placing.

Remember, you will not be the only company that bids on a job, so if you watch how others do it you can create an ideal bid. This bid will be enough for profit, but cheaper than others giving you the upper hand. Research will also aid you in discovering the profitable markets. There are many sides to software, but only a few have big payouts. Discovering that there is more money in security may influence you to change your niche or add another level to your service. Supply must meet demand after all, and if there is not a lot of … Read More

Preparing for Funerals: Grieving and Burial Plans

Looking for a place to have the funeral for a loved one is an unexpected dilemma. The decision of where to have your family member’s funeral is a tough call to make because you are likely dealing with some form of grief. It’s important that you move through the grieving process at your own rate; don’t try to skip vital steps that are required to heal after losing a loved one. There are people in your life to help you move through these emotions, so be sure to contact those closest to you when you need help finding the proper ways to grieve.

Preparing for Funerals: Grieving and Burial Plans

Sometimes grieving after a loved one passes can take priority over our lives. It seems like everything else in the world stops moving when a loved one passes away. Having such a beloved member of your family leave your life might be hard to deal with on your own, so be sure to call on those people in your life who are close to you when this happens to be circumstances you are dealing with. Calling on close friends, or other members of the family will help you make it through losing someone who meant the world to you.

After a funeral, you’ll need to remember that other people are going through similar emotions that you are going through. The people attending the funeral are likely also moving through the grieving process. It’s possible that they are dealing with things at different speeds than you are dealing with them, however. There’s always help to be found in your family and friends at the funeral. However, you might need to contact a professional to deal with some of the issues behind your loss; talking to a professional counselor about this situation is always a healthy option.

Many counselors are trained in dealing with the grieving process. Most counselors will recommend visiting the loved one’s grave after the funeral, or you might need to visit the loved one’s urn if your family used any cremation services chicago il. Cremation is often done in favor of burial in order to keep the loved one’s remains closer to the family. This is usually something the person who has passed away would have specified before their life ended, which is why it helps to be open about your decisions of how you would like your remains to be preserved.

It might be challenging to think of it now, but having your burial plan set up before you are sick or breath your final breath, helps your family in their grieving process. Having a burial plan means that your family will have less to worry about while they are dealing with emotional loss. Talk to a professional about what you would like to be done with your remains when you breathe your final breath. It’s hard to imagine a world without you in it, but your family will need to carry on your legacy. You can help them when that time … Read More

The Meals Biz School (@foodbizschool)

The Meals Biz School (@foodbizschool)East End chef Colin Ambrose reports from his time at the Food Business School. There is also a multi-month selection known as the Venture Innovation System that “alternates on-campus and on the web” classes to support students “rapidly transform” their concepts into a business enterprise. Ready to commence your journey in meals small business and restaurant management?

1 group, for instance, led by a Harvard-trained computational biologist who performs at the genetic testing organization 23andMe, created a tool to make customized foods containing bacteria appropriate for an individual’s microbiome. Led by achieved entrepreneur, investor, and educator William Rosenzweig, The Food Business School plans to offer executive courses and degree programs that provide cutting-edge, practice-primarily based enterprise education.

In addition, The Culinary Institute of America has announced its acquisition of Copia in Napa, CA , which will come to be the new headquarters of The Food Business School. Developed for food small business pros, intensives give important time and space, in a dynamic setting, to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Constructing Meals Provide Chains for a Sustainable Future is aimed at assisting meals organization leaders in today’s marketplace feel critically in the face of business enterprise and meals production challenges. The Food Business School will not give degrees. This complete course offers a sound training in small business concepts and practice, as properly as a wider understanding of the special environment inside which meals enterprises operate.

The Food Business School is pleased to announce the arrival of its mentor network supported by an innovative digital platform that seamlessly matches, schedules and connects mentors and learners across the nation and globe. Introducing the world’s first organization college dedicated to meals entrepreneurship & innovation.

The courses at the Food Business School appear to be extra cost-effective than courses at the CIA. Students will study with faculty from the nation’s foremost company schools, such as Stanford and UC Berkeley, as effectively as renowned meals industry entrepreneurs, artists, and designers like Michael Chiarello, Neil Grimmer, and Kurt Huffman.

The FBS faculty is comprised of achieved meals business practitioners, skilled teachers and dynamic professors from the world’s leading company schools who are passionate and knowledgeable about food. He discovered his way into academe, teaching entrepreneurship at Berkeley and London Business School, and investing in and advising startups, at some point launching a sustainability- and meals-focused venture fund.

Our instructors have opened dozens of restaurants, catering enterprises and food shops in New York City and around the planet. From Founders of startups to Executives top internal change at the world’s biggest food firms, our learners are committed to making an effect in the meals sector.

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When It Is Time to Repair or Replace Concrete or Asphalt

When It Is Time to Repair or Replace Concrete or Asphalt

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of an asphalt paver or concrete worker. If you own a home or business inevitably you will experience some form of environment break down of your patio, parking lot or sidewalk. You cannot just leave cracks and broken pieces lying around. These become hazardous to anyone visiting or working for your business and become trip risks. If your home is experiencing cracking or damaged driveways, sidewalks or patios you will want to correct it to preserve your well-kept curb appeal.

What exactly can cause breaking and damage to concrete and asphalt?

  • Heavy traffic flow
  • Large work trucks that weigh more than standard cars
  • Environmental factors such as weather
  • Poor installation
  • Shifting ground

Most asphalt paving experts tampa fl near you will be able to address all of the above problems and help rectify the problems. You will want to consult with a professional and not try to tackle this job by yourself. In some cases the causes are more extreme than you may have originally thought and areas must be completely replaced rather than repaired.

Even the sturdiest of parking lots can slowly crumble due to heavy traffic flow. This is not necessarily a bad thing; this means your business is doing so well that it has many frequent visitors. The concrete should have been sturdy enough to withstand the heavy traffic flow but sometimes it needs to be reinforced.

Large work trucks can add added weight to parking lots and driveways. If the ground underneath the drive or parking lot is weak then dips can begin to occur from the heavy vehicles. This occurs slowly over time and can often be repaired. Heavy vehicles such as construction or semi-trucks should not be parked in the same spot over long durations of time.

Environmental factors can also impact the integrity of a parking lot or driveway. Regions that experience extreme cold and excessive heat all in the duration of one year are more susceptible to cracking and erosion. The same is true for areas that receive heavy rain or snow fall amounts. Higher precipitation can impact the integrity of the surface and allow for cracking or natural wear and tear.

Poor installation can sometimes be a culprit for a faulty parking lot or driveway. While we all hope we have hired the most professional and reliable company available sometimes this is simply not the case. If the work is not done accurately then the integrity of the concrete or asphalt is at risk.

Regions that are prone to shifting or earthquakes will naturally become cracked due to these factors that are out of anyone’s control. If you live in these regions, then your repair technicians will be able to address and rectify the problem. No one enjoys parking on, driving on or walking on cracked and damaged concrete or asphalt. The sooner the problem is fixed the less of a liability the ground is.… Read More


            During the first and second semesters, I discovered various things about self-development and growth. The objectives of the module were relevant in determining the key relationship between the students and examiner in terms of own learning and development. It creates a sense of responsibility for my own learning. I learned that the time management skills are significant, as they assist in articulation of personal goals and objectives. Effective time management ensures that all prioritized and scheduled activities are performed within the stipulated timelines.


The module has led to my time management skills improvement through guiding on the presentation skills including interviews and examination. However, I need to focus on the personal SMART objectives to ensure that they are well performed systematically. Amongst the learned employability skills in the module, proper communication is important in enhancing the achievement of the set goals and objectives. It encourages on the verbal and written communication. Verbal communication skills are crucial in presenting of assignments and task in the organization. Thus, students should improve their verbal communication in order to satisfy the organizational needs. Therefore, the paper will provide my self-assessment based on the learned aspects of employability in the organizations.

Most importantly, the module provides a clear overview of written communication skills, which include identification of key points, the use of short and precise sentences, and the use of well-structured sentences in the writings. As a result, the module was appropriate in promoting of appropriate instruments in articulation of organizational goals and objectives. The action planning skills guide on the setting up of appropriate actions plans and objectives. It relates to the setting of personal SMART objectives and identification of key implementation strategies. The reflections of the module provides for other key concepts of employability skills. It relates to the improvement of team working skills, decision-making skills and leadership skills that enhance various initiatives in the organization. It is clear that there is a need for appropriate skills and knowledge to retain the employability of different persons. The skills and knowledge should be building within the personal careers of various individual. Throughout the module, I was able to understand that career development relies on the key employability. The growth of employability skills spurs appropriate competencies depending on the various organizational aspects.

            Throughout the semester, I was able to learn different employability skills that are relevant in the modern business world. Firstly, I learned time management skills that lead to self-organization. Time management skills guide in attending the lectures on time in order to avoid missing them. In the modern organizations, the employers need employees who can manage time, prioritize important tasks and work within the stipulated deadlines. Thus, effective time management assists in improving my ability to work in various organizations. Most importantly, I am able to prioritize my education and manage time for attending the lectures well.  The module has enabled me to understand the necessary managerial strategies in providing effective time management. It follows the setting of relevant goals and review of … Read More